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Women's Tang Jackets

One of Shanghai Tang's long-standing bestsellers, our iconic Tang jackets are synonymous with the brand itself. Our Chinese Tang jackets are a modern spin on the classic five-button style, crafted from luxe velvet, silk crepe or cashmere knitted fabric, then finished with a mandarin collar and contrast lining which peeks through at the cuff.

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    About Shanghai Tang Tang Jacket

    The Tang jacket is one of Shanghai Tang's most signature and revered styles and amongst the legendary ranks in Chinese heritage fashion. Originally worn by the upper class towards the end of the Qing dynasty, the Tang jacket is rich with history. Being the Manchu official's surcoat and the Han Chinese hip-length 'ma-hwa' jacket worn over long robes, this stylish frog-buttoned jacket quickly became the standard for formal dressing in the 1940's.

    The Tang jacket, although adapted and modernised from its original traditional look, remains the same in two aspects: its mandarin collar and the five frog buttons. Sometimes referred to as the Chinese collar, the mandarin collar is a shirt or jacket collar based on the traditional Manchurian dress or Mongol-influenced Asian garments. Very classic and Chinese thanks to its historical roots, but also very modern, the mandarin collar was adopted by Shanghai Tang as a hallmark and a lifestyle. The mandarin collar is featured across our Tang jackets, Tang shirts as well as qipaos, cardigans and polo shirts.

    The frog buttons on the Tang jacket, also known as Chinese frog closures, frog fasteners or mandarin buttons, are made of intricately knotted strings, the name 'frog' deriving from the shape of this kind of button evoking two kissing frogs. This ornamental braiding is used to fasten the front of the garment and is a decoration at the same time. By using frog buttons in our collections, Shanghai Tang preserves and adapts this long-standing tradition of ornamental closure.

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